Creative director who
finds laughing most important.

Founder and creative director of Today’s Team. He does not own a suit and he likes to wear his sneakers. Yet he is often the man who is asked by the Board of Directors for a cup of coffee.

Is it because of his knowledge or his catching laughter? Or is it because of his will to be the best or because he is always honest and sincere? Who knows? But it doesn’t really matter. Mike Weinberg is the face of Today’s Team. He finds it important to keep Today’s Team small and flexible, but still work for clients who matter.

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They don’t always have to be the biggest brand (even though they often are), but we need to be able to build a close relationship in which client and agency want to work together closely to achieve beautiful and good things. Yes exactly, bring a bit of social meaning. And above all be busy with our profession every day with a smile.

Most structured top designer in the Netherlands.


You hear more and more often that design is a decisive component in positive brand experience, growth and loyalty. Certainly in a time that many services and products have the same intrinsic value, distinction in form is important. Dustin is there for us when it comes to top design. He gives priority ... lees meer to his gut feeling, but can well defend a design if one asks for the "why". He also knows everything about online design. That works out very well, because we are involved in the daily development of banners, portals, landing pages, Facebook ads and so on. Also good to know is that Dustin is very precise. Projects are stored on our servers in the right way, so that nobody has to search unnecessarily. Just find the man who designs beautiful things and can open file number BR1500333/E in a few seconds. Found it!

Straight forward and mega involved!


Straightforward. Yes, that's Kristel. She says what she thinks and above all: she thinks along. This immediately leads to a great bond with the clients of Today's Team. They love working with her. Such an all-rounder is indispensable. Design, socials, PowerPoints, advertisements, posters, internal ... lees meer communication… she can do it all! And before you know it, it's done before six o’clock.

Processors of
the Mac red hot.


Today’s Team loves to work with Daniël. Why? Well, because he’s so incredibly good. He is not only a talented desktop publisher, but also an amazing 3D animator and video editor. He recently built up the fruit and vegetable department of Albert Heijn in vectors. Then the cucumbers ... lees meer are not suddenly straight (a funny Dutch expression), but it does give a great impression of a possible new structure and routing within the department. The environment is suddenly rotatable on every axis. Sounds technical - it is - but it provides an unprecedentedly realistic picture of something that does not yet exist. We regularly produce films for internal motivation programs and online content. Very cool projects and with Daniël we do them well and quickly!

Nerd who only needs
one word to get it.


Rudy is the most practical UX designer we know. Typically an online nerd that doesn’t say much, but is especially good at coding. That comes in handy in a world where more and more communication finds its way to online. We notice that customers often are reluctant to build a landing page or a ... lees meer new portal. Often because of long processes and professional terms that nobody understands. At Today’s Team we prevent this by running online assignments as compact as possible. Often a test URL is up and running within two weeks, so that everyone can share their first findings with us. A week for adjustments and then ... online. And that’s why we often call in Rudy!

He seems to know everything (at least a lot).


André Dammers is not a retail man at all. We really like that at retail agency Today’s Team. André is a theme creative with many awards for Central Beheer and Volkswagen, among others. André is a copywriter, but that matters less and less. With about 25 years of experience, you automatically ... lees meer become a strategist, art director, account, creative director, general manager ... you name it. Hopefully it is clear that with André at the table the conversation can be about everything and that very meaningful things are often said. That is why we like to work together with such an experience expert :)

More talent available on call.

Today’s Team network

Binnen het netwerk van Today’s Team zijn de meest uiteenlopende disciplines vertegenwoordigd. Van creatieven tot 3D-animators, van editors tot vormgevers, van html-bouwers tot contentredacteuren. Zo kunnen we over het beste talent beschikken en op veel briefings ‘ja’ zeggen.... lees meer